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Florence Chabert D’Hieres (FCH) is an Adult TCK raising three TCK in the Middle-East. Her very unique story leads her to become an intercultural trainer and coach.

Adopted from Sri-Lanka by a French/ Italian family when she was 3 weeks old, FCH experienced the pride and joy of growing up in a multicultural environment. She also lived the reality of expatriations as a young adult in the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and then as ‘Chief Family Officer’ in Dubai, and KSA. With her background and experience, she wanted children/parents to feel a sense of pride and cohesion in their multiple identities but also in succeeding their expat adventure.


Thus, 10 years ago she created Coach4expat helping expats to adjust to their new life in a host country. In 2018, she wrote “I'm a citizen of the world” her first book for parents and children to guide them in achieving their journey. 

Florence Chabert d’Hieres (FCH)  specializes in cross cultural training and this ranges from one-on-one facilitation and coaching to large group training programs. Florence is a certified coach, who helps any person in their steps through the expatriation process.

FCH created and developed a company in business tourism for expatriates between the USA and France. She created Coach4expat, who helps corporate clients and their families in their steps through the expatriation process. She was the vice president in Dubai of the ‘Union des Français de l’étranger’(UFE AVENIR) .

Bicultural Italian and French, she also lived the realities of an expatriation in various countries like the USA, Switzerland (Swiss), and Australia. She worked in companies like Interpol, City Pacific Treasury finance, LODH.

FCH is a graduate in Marketing Management  from Pace  University of New York and has a post graduate qualification in Coaching from France. FCH is fluent in French and English, besides speaking Spanish, German, Italian and little Arabic notions.

Currently, FCH is based in Dubai. She has been certified by First Select Training Middle East FZ LLC to deliver trainings on Middle Eastern Business Culture, FCH is also certified as an International Consultant by CARTUS Adult CCT Training of Trainers Program, as well as Cross Cultural Coach and trainer for relocation companies worldwide. She received the CARTUS Service Excellence Award in 2016,2017& 2018.

FCH clients  are from various nationalities such as to name a few Australians, Indians, Indonesians, Russians, Europeans, Sri Lankans, from corporations and industries worldwide. 

Her interests lie in Intercultural Competence, Acculturation, Relocation, Expatriation, Cultural Knowledge and Cross-Cultural Understanding in addition to Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork and Conflict Resolution as well as Working, Communicating and Managing Across Cultures.

FCH is a proud member of Families in Global Transition , and is since 2016 part of the Communications team for Social Media.
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Florence – Your Intercultural Coach.

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