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How we can help you and your family adapt to your new home?

Cross cultural trainings & coaching for everyone & everywhere !













What is Cross cultural training ?

Cross cultural coaching is an approach that helps individuals to relate and successfully communicate with people from other cultures.


Our Cross Cultural coaching is centred on your abilities to adapt in a new situation,

our goal is to go beyond the fear of the unknown, which can be very useful for the expatriate.











Our coaching can help you to understand and adapt your road in a turbulent environment, to surmount difficulties of transition due to the professional, family and especially psychological transformation, to release your potential by meeting the emotional and the rational and to transform cultural differences into a rich resource both personal and professional.

Why you need Cross Cultural Training for you or your children?

When you change from one country to another this can be overwhelming, sometimes you just need a little support to boost your energy level, as we well as your cultural awareness in order to make the most of your expat life, it is the same for your children! They might need your help to better adapt in their new life abroad And become Global citizen to find their own identity! The same quest also applies to an international adoptee or any Third Culture Kid. 

       This is just an example of a subject you might want to take into consideration : 

  1. How to deal with Culture shock? 

  2. Cultural do's & don't for a successful business relationship

  3. Cross cultural interaction & communication

  4. Tips about Daily Life to integrate better the new culture 















Please note that this is the sample structure of Intercultural coaching, the number of sessions depends on YOU.

How does it work?

Here are 4 phases which require accompaniment of personal fulfilment to make your expatriation a success. You can join in, at any phase at any time and anywhere.

  • Phase 1:  the departure

  • Phase 2:  the integration

  • Phase 3:  the adaptation

  • Phase 4: the new adventure is known as "the return" but easier to say to a New Expat 


We use playful and innovative tools which enable  "to teach to learn" to manage the challenges of the expatriation.




When can you start?

We are able to help you where ever you are, when ever you want, we are connected with you by:

  • Online

  • Face to Face 

  • One on One sessions, Family sessions or Group session 

  • For children from 5 to 25 Years old 

  • For C level 

      All our courses are flexible and can be tailor made according to your needs.

You Need your personalize quote?

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