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āyubōvan, Welcome ! How can I help you, your family, your company ? 

Florence Chabert d’Hieres  (FCH) is a woman with quite a story to tell – is an Adult TCK raising three TCK. Her very unique story as an international adoptee , leads her to become an intercultural trainer and international parenting expert. 

With her background and experience, she wanted children/parents to feel a sense of pride and cohesion in their multiple identities but also in succeeding their expat adventure.

Thus, 10 years ago she created Coach4expat helping expats to adjust to their new life in a host country thanks to Brain Gym. 

In 2018, she wrote “I'm a citizen of the world” her first book for parents and children to guide them in achieving their journey and create their own family culture. 

FCH created the burger Metaphor which helps expat families create a sense of belonging & identity during their expat adventure. 

She also lived the reality of expatriations as a young adult in the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and then as ‘Chief Family Officer’ in the Middle East and Europe. Florence is based in London with her family.

As an adoptee, a Third Culture Kid raising three cross-cultural girls, navigating the delicate balance between heritage and assimilation, I learned the importance of providing a nurturing environment where TCKs could thrive.


Third culture kids training & coaching 

Brain Gym & Cross cultural Trainings

International parenting training

Intercultural trainings 

Personalised your Expat Plan ?

How brain gym can you help you navigate your expat life. 

Citizen of the World | A book for Expat parents

A few words from you , Thank you ! 

We would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave at our webinar today. 


I think participants really enjoyed it and were inspired by your message. They related well to your personal experiences which resonated with authenticity and were complimentary with your messages. 

IDCN Paris Network 

You definitely managed to set a very positive and interactive tone that lasted the whole workshop. Thank you for contributing to a successful and memorable event.

I will always cherish the valuable coaching you gave me in Dubai. I still think of it occasionally when working with people of Arabic cultures.

- Mr L.R - From America to Dubai

Thank you so much for your diligence and the excellence with which you support all our assignees, dear Florence! 

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